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Our services

Our services are based on providing solutions for industry and carrying them out by turnkey projects, revamping, optimization of processes and quality improvement.

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TailorMade Solutions

We are a company that specializes in supplying our clients with TailorMade Solutions. We can design solutions for any problem, thanks to the accumulation of experience of our staff and the progress made by our own company.

The trust our clients have placed in us has led to joint projects with technicians of important multinationals of the iron and steel sector, on other occasions, TPI has provided all the experience for their development. The implementation of these solutions has meant significant improvements:

  • Increase of capacity and production.
  • Optimization of times and processes.
  • Personnel optimization in lines/machines and/or tasks.
  • Safety of machinery taking into account operational and maintenance factors.


In some special machines such as mandrels, TPI specializes in offering our clients the necessary, TaylorMade Solutions, taking into account the reducer of the mandrel that has to be substituted. If the plans of the reducer are not available, we take the necessary measurements, in order to respect the measurements of the reducer and the mandrel.



Revitalizing and modernizing already existing machines to incorporate them into current productivity schemes is one of our main activities.

For these solutions TPI takes the following steps:

  • We listen to our clients to learn about their problems.

  • We discuss with the client the solutions to be implemented (if possible with the departments that have the most information about the subject – Production – Maintenance – Engineering).

  • We carry out a complete analysis of the line/machine where revamping is to be done to take full advantage of the parts (frames, chucks, rollers, drives…) in each case.

  • We develop TailorMade engineering so as to achieve an agreed solution with the client.

  • We manufacture new parts and stock commercial ones.

  • We implement the installation of turnkey solutions (mechanics, hydraulic electrical, safety).

New equipment

TPI has the capacity to supply a great number of individual machines, or parts of process lines, adapted to the needs of the client.

In view of the amount of machines/equipment in the iron and steel sector, the following are descriptions of some equipment that could serve as examples:  

  • Inspection and process lines
  • Uncoiler/recoiler
  • Mandrels and outboard bearing
  • Loading and unloading trolleys
  • Walking beams
  • Threading tables (Magnetic or not)
  • Bypass tables
  • Traction and straightening machines
  • Bridles
  • Baffle units
  • Notcher
  • Side trimer/Crop shear
  • Accumulators
  • Equipment for strip and roller planing
  • Equipment for gas extraction
  • Belt wrapper
  • Guiding machine

All newly supplied equipment/lines are certified by TPI with the CE mark.

Purchasing Management and Spare Parts

TPI has the capacity to manage purchasing for equipment of its own design as well as that designed by third parties, due to its wide range of contacts in the iron and steel sector, and thanks to the competitive prices agreed with many of our suppliers.

TPI is also a specialist in the supply of spare parts for our clients either from existing plans, or by TPI employees making a sketch of the parts, or parts of the machine and supplying a valuation of the same.


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