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The Management of TPI INGENIERÍA, S.L. considers Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) as a fundamental objective to achieve, at the same level of importance as other activities, serving as a framework for establishing safety and health objectives at work. Furthermore, considering the sector of activity and the type of service we provide, which involves developing custom projects and solutions in the metallurgical and non-ferrous metals sector, it becomes necessary to elevate our level of involvement and dedication to prevention, while making it a differentiating and quality element.

Therefore, Management, aiming to integrate risk prevention into each and every process and operation carried out both in offices and at client sites, considers it a priority to have the total commitment of everyone to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy work environment to prevent work-related injuries and health impairment, complying with and enforcing safe practices and procedures by incorporating client requirements, norms, and legal elements applicable to us. Introducing continuous improvement in our practices and aiming for the implementation of ISO 45001.

Likewise, considering people as the most important asset of the Company, and the preservation of material resources as a fundamental element to reduce costs, it is necessary to have the cooperation and participation of all staff and clients in observing and complying with prevention rules and regulations, in detecting hazardous conditions and unsafe actions, reporting them to their immediate superior, and providing suggestions and preventive improvements to be adopted in order to improve working conditions.

I, IVÁN FERNÁNDEZ, as Director of Operations, commit to complying with the Occupational Risk Prevention Law and applicable legislation, as well as client requirements for the implementation of the Prevention Plan, completing this commitment by following the guidelines of continuous improvement. I commit to the ongoing monitoring of the Occupational Risk Prevention Plan and providing the necessary resources for this purpose, including consultation and participation of workers.

Iván Fernández Real

Operation Manager

April, 2024