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Project Description

Inspection and coil recovery line

Inspection of coils in a process line (temper Line) in a plant of ARCELORMITTAL.

TPI supplied a complete new line of inspection and cleaning, and took advantage of a transversal cutter that the client had in another plant and was not using. The line is valid for both inspection and cleaning of coils.

The concept of the line is “low cost”, and because it doesn’t have a winder or an unwinder, it has a roller cradle with an internal hydraulic cradle which receives the coils from the installation crane that is equipped with a centring piece to prevent telescopicity of the coil. It has a clamp roller to thread and unthread, a platform to assist mobile strapping, a threading table, a traction unit, a cutter, an inspection table with its shoveling and luminaires, and a tension unit to inspect without making contact with the table. Behind the tension unit is an evacuating table with a belt and it can have magnets to evacuate the cuttings. Electrical unit and hydraulic unit.

The Solution

Type of “low cost” line because the line can be fully operated by one person and the saving made by the installation which gives early detection of defects in the rollers that “mark” the strip, means that the return on investment is very quick as they do not have to return coils, and the satisfaction of the clients of ARCELORMITTAL itself is very high.