Withdraw of EMAS equipment out of line (magnetic stabilizer) 2018-01-19T11:23:48+00:00

Project Description

Withdraw of EMAS equipment out of line

(magnetic stabilizer)

This equipment has been awarded a European prize, as part of ARCELORMITTAL, for improvements in safety

TPI designed, supplied and set up this autonomous equipment which carries out automatically both the extraction and the introduction on line of the magnetic stabilizing equipment (EMAS) fitted to the galvanizing line of ARCELORMITTAL. The equipment loads both the feeding cables of the equipment itself as well as its own cooling unit.

The Solution

The solution proposed by TPI has been a complete success both as regards production and safety; the extraction or the introduction of the equipment can be done in 35 seconds, whereas before the installation of our equipment, it took a work shift (8 hours) to withdraw the equipment, therefore procuring significant savings. Also, this equipment has won a prize in ARCELORMITTAL for safety for being able to do work near the zinc pot safely.