Increase of width in picking line 2021-05-06T15:20:23+00:00

Project Description

Increase of width in picking line

Increase of width of strip in a continuous picking line up to 8 mm of thickness, form 1.300 mm to 1.650 mm in the installations of TATA STEEL in Spain.

Modification of entry and exit equipments in a picking line for 8 mm to be able to process 1.650 mm width of strip instead of current 1.3000 mm. The chemical area was ready for the new width, and several equipment of the entry and of the exit was modified for the new width and some new equipments were supplied ( 2 units of shears, 1 new recoiler mandrel, 3  new side guides equipment,3  new tension units, new bridle, modification in the motorization of the whole line and programming….). The erection and commissioning were included.

THe Solution

The main safe for TATA STEEL was to consider the revamping equipment by equipment, instead a new complete entry and exist for the line.